What is a Firewall?

Simply defined, Firewalls prevent intrusion to your network by inspecting and filtering network traffic and granting or denying access to your system based upon your specific needs and requirements.
Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are enhanced to ensure both centralized and flexible protection. Digital Corners senior engineers are firewall and intrusions prevention professionals. They utilise cutting-edge firewall technology to create customised configurations based on the needs of your organisation. Our experts have the knowledge required to build everything from a simple firewall protecting one server to a multi-zone firewall with high availability, eliminating single points of failure. Overall, Firewalls help mitigate some of the risks present on the Internet.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Need a secure connection to additional resources or just to the enviroment? Digital Corner can manage site to site VPN tunnel to ensure secure communications from your offices to your devices on the go or a home base location. If you have mobile users that need to ensure data protection we can configure remote dialup VPN’s to maintain data security for your remote users.

Digital Corner’s VPN solutions allow for a controlled and secured access to your infrastructure without the risk of transmitting anything unencrypted. This helps make certain that the data you transmit remains private and in your control.

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