Digital Corner is taking its innovating practices and expanding its business, opening its doors to more potential customers. With the addition of new government contracts through the eduSTAR.TSS panel we are expanding into the education market in which we are looking at recruiting New, experienced & veteran Technicians to help support our ever so growing support base.

We are currently looking for technicians who are self-motivated, skilled in the areas of Microsoft, apple & Linux Distributions, as well of areas that include routing and switch operations, hardware other technical knowhow but also someone with not only technical experience but also a friendly well-mannered approach to their skillset.

Digital Corner is looking for:

In this role we are looking for someone who can continue to exceed our clients’ expectations, by providing timely support and feedback from a technical perspective we are looking for:

·An understanding of Microsoft Server 2012R2 and its related technologies including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP

·Troubleshooting of Hardware and Software issues on both Administration & end user devices

·Automating & Maintaining a SOE Image experience with software such SCCM, DeployStudio and other imaging products will highly be considered.

·Automated & Logical thinking process of maintaining user accounts in Active Directory

Digital Corner offers a good stress free environment in which continues to offer ongoing support , education and learning to help our Team continue their endeavours whatever their goal maybe. We strongly believe by helping you achieve your goal, our staff will enjoy their job more giving back to our customers a friendlier and enjoyable experience of our company.

How to apply?

A Skills Matrix can be downloaded from our website in which upon completion please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as attaching a personal resume and a cover letter to which we can get a better understanding of you.

Once your application is submitted we will give you access to our Staff portal in which will give you access to our job portal listing available postiions and upcoming tender positions.

Any questions please feel to email us to which we will hopefully get back to you in a timely manner.

We look forward to your application.



Skills Matrix Download

 To apply as a TSS for the TSS.edustar Program you will be required to fill in the following skills matrix spreadsheet outlining your strengths and weaknesses.