Bring your own device is a maturing trend for enterprise & education mobility. What started as one of the original “consumerisation of IT” initiatives has now become an accepted practice in many IT departments.

While employees, Students and customers enjoy the convenience and comfort of accessing corporate and personal applications on the device of their choice, BYOD can be a major headache for IT. With operating system (OS) updates nearly every 15 days and new phones still coming into the market, BYOD is a complex, ever changing challenge for IT managers.  However, the end result can be well worth the effort,


For those organisations that are looking at taking the plunge into BYOD, , thanks to the rapid maturation of the technology that digital corner brings to its customers, programs and partnerships we have solutions in which are sure to decrease your IT maintaince and increase your connectivity to your users on all fronts. If implementing BYOD is on the top of your resolution list have a look at some of the soltuions we offer to get your organisation setup for a true and proper BYOD infrastructure.