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Written by Published in SCCM 2012 September 03 2020

For Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to deploy all you applications to a test deployment fire up your powershell ISE and connect to your SCCM DP.

The reason for me using this is when creating our golden image process when installing all our applications i notice that some fail.   by me having this in Software centre ready to go i can fire up a base image, install each application individually and see what error comes up.



$applications = Get-CMApplication | Select LocalizedDisplayName

foreach ($app in $applications){


New-CMApplicationDeployment -CollectionName “Test Deployment” -Name $app.LocalizedDisplayName -DeployAction Install -DeployPurpose Available -UserNotification DisplayAll -AvailableDateTime (get-date) -TimeBaseOn LocalTime -Verbose





Written by Published in SCCM 2012 June 21 2019

The Other Week we had to generate a new Boot Image, we had several Task Sequences which referenced this boot.wim,  Thankfully for Powershell you can quickly modify all TS's to change it to the latest boot wim.


Get-CMTaskSequence | Set-CMTaskSequence -BootImageId "packageidDC0000000"

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 September 12 2018

i have recently been putting in more automation scripts to alert myself and others around me of things that are and are not working in the school,

Since most of my time is spread accross multiple sites i have been putting together tasks delegated to my team members and other staff that are able to follow things up such as in this case 

DEVICES THAT HAVE NOT CHECKED IN FOR X Days (30 days for this script below.)


for now i have just generated the sql statement and will soon add it into my SCCM Subscriptions to email me and others of our team if actions need to be followed up. 

in my sites database i use the following QUERY.




MAX (B.SerialNumber0) AS 'Serialnumber',


A.Model0, C.Name0 AS 'Processor',

D.TotalPhysicalMemory0 AS 'Memory (KBytes)',

MAX ( E.Size0 ) AS 'Size (MBytes)',

MAX (F.MACAddress0) AS 'MAC Adress',

MAX (F.IPAddress0) AS 'IP Adress',

G.AD_Site_Name0 AS 'AD Site',

MAX (A.UserName0) AS 'Last user logged in',

H.Caption0 AS 'Operating System',

H.CSDVersion0 AS 'Service Pack',

G.Creation_Date0 AS 'Creationdate in SMS',











v_R_System G,



vWorkstationStatus O



A.ResourceID = B.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = C.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = D.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = E.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = F.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = G.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = H.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = I.ResourceID AND

A.ResourceID = O.ResourceID AND

O.LastPolicyRequest <= GETDATE() -30


GROUP BY A.Name0, A.Manufacturer0, A.Model0, C.Name0, D.TotalPhysicalMemory0, G.AD_Site_Name0, A.UserName0, H.Caption0, H.CSDVersion0, G.Creation_Date0, I.LastHWScan, O.LastPolicyRequest



Written by Published in SCCM 2012 May 22 2018

One of the issues i have come accross when deploying our automatic updates through SCCM in a proxy'd or firewalled environment is that sometimes the WSUS servers timesout. giving us several types of error codes.

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 May 16 2018

Setting Business Hours 

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 November 30 2017

Introduction into building an image with SCCM 2012r2 and capturing it for later deployment.

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 March 14 2017

SCCM 2012 - Creating Device Collections From an Active Directory Organizational Unit

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 January 27 2017

Recently coming through the issue of our update deployments failing and not pushing out to our clients we have noticed the following errors, Thankfully i have seen this before with another KB update in which did something simular.

Written by Published in SCCM 2012 June 24 2016

Hopefully we will get around to consolidating all these articles into one common fault finding documentation.

this is dirrectly in regards to fixing an issue i mostly found with the Surface devices however i have had it happen on other devices as well but was lucky enough to get an error message to resolve it. 

however with the surface devices the device would restart before i had a chance to open up command promp and open trace tools to check the error logs.


ISSUE: Device would PXE boot and load Win PE however on attempt to connect to the shares it would loose all connectivity and choose to restart instead of throwing up an error

TEMP FIX :  Time and Date were out of sync, which the surfaces end up doing since they have no onboard battery for BIOS, once the battery goes completly flat the time and date settings reset.


a more perminant solution to this i guess would be running pre batch command line in which before WinPE loads the SCCM componant side of things to run the following command to sync to your DC or windows timesync server.

  1. w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:"ntp_server" /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update