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Hi all, 

A project i thought i'd share with you all, in which source code in c# & application is available here if needed. please feel free to modify and use as needed. 
Since we have now implemented passwords to change every certain amount of days the calls for admin users needing to remap their drives and printers has started.

the purpose of this is i wanted an easier way which users can interact with a simple GUI to update windows credential manager and remap drives from a CSV file. other than the windows cmd prompt that i find confuses a majority of users

Before running the application modify the configuration file WindowsFormsApplication3.exe.config (excuse the dodgy naming) & the mappedDrives.csv files
and change the settings highlighted in yellow to suit your enviroment.

The CSV File ( MappedDrives.csv ). The first row is excluded as the headers, each column is specified
- Drive Letter : the letter given to the mapped drive
- Location: the network path given;
- ServerName: the servername executed into credential manager

as seen above user enters in username above no NETBIOS before the username is needed.
and curric network password.

once entered the program does an LDAP authentication check against the domain controller specified in the config file as seen below before proceeding to mapping the drives and adding in the windows credential manager details. if LDAP credentials fail it will alert you in the bottom left corner.

If all is configured correctly it should be mapping the drives & storing the credntials , i have had cases where it maps only a few however clicking it again fixes that in which i might put a delay command in the programming to see if that helps or not however have run out of time for the week on this project.

please feel free to add to it in which i'll be adding more options to add printers in one click as well in the next version, any recommendations/ suggestions / bugs problems please let me know happy to help however i'm not the best programmer as seen with my code and pretty much mashed together bits and pieces here and there.

Hope this helps some of you, i'm pretty sure this will save me a heap of time as i have just added a shortcut to my application on staff desktops in which points to the network config & csv. now i can just tell staff to open the app and have them do it themselves. Big Grin

Goodluck smile

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