Building An Image - SCCM 2012 R2

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Introduction into building an image with SCCM 2012r2 and capturing it for later deployment.



Through this process we will be doing the following.

Creating Applications 

- Extracting .EXE's to obtain files.

- Deploying Office 2016 with an auto unattend.

- Deploying Visual Studio

- Deploying Custom Applications


Setting up a task sequence.

- Setting up a task Sequence with applications

- Settings the cache size limit so applications can deploy properly

- error diagnosing

- build and capture task sequence.


Deploying captured build image with applications already captured.





Set cache size via powershell

powershell -executionpolicy bypass -command $sms=gwmi -namespace root\ccm\softmgmtagent -class cacheconfig;$sms.size = "10000";$sms.put()


Set Cache visa task sequence >>> Setup Windows and configuration Manager: 

Installation properties:        SMSCACHESIZE=30000 






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