Here at Digital Corner EDUCATION is a key focus for us, with over 20 years combined experience in the Victorian education sector, our technicians are ready to help you get the most from technology for your school,  

We have successfully deployed thousands of devices to students and staff members for BYOD programs, with technology emerging so fast, we make sure that your school is one step ahead, we always plan for future progress, as well as new standards making their way on to the market.

We Can Offer Support and advise how technology can be used in the day to day class room activities. we have a wide list of applications and programs, as well as additional hardware to maximise the use of Tablets, Laptops and even mobile phones.

Good Network Support is hard to come by, there is a wide philosophy among tech's of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" highly true in some instances however making sure you are getting the most out of your network infrastructure is another thing altogether, we understand schools budgets can be limited and that does effect the type of equipment you have. however it doesn't mean you have to worry about the "Millennium Bug"! and be stuck in the olden days of old windows environments. Digital Corner can direct you in ways which can help improve efficiency and keep you in the modern era of technology.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FREE CYBER SAFETY PROGRAMS FOR K - 6 STUDENTS* we can come to your school, and go through our 2 hour presentation and activity work session in Cyber safety, educating the youth of the dangers and safety precautions of being on the internet, while also showing them the benefits of certain websites and useful tools which are available for future uses. 

The next step is upon us! in would like to announce that Digital Corner was successfully appointed to the eduSTAR.TSS panel for 2016 and on. With this recent appointment we look larger to expanding our services and technical support to more schools and organizations across the state of Victoria in which we know we can provide the best support and technical help out there.

We have had great experiences with many products throughout our years in the education system, working with companies that offer products such as Office 365, Google Docs, Papercut, Xuno, Compass, we have experienced the the good, the bad & the ugly. Giving us a head start on many issues that may come up, getting you back on task quicker.

At digital corner we have a wide knowledge in Programming Languages, Network infrastructures in cisco, 3COM & Netgear, we also have a great experience in setting up and deploying 1-1 programs with laptops, and IPADS and the deployment of Cloud services to 1000’s of users.


All our technicians have been trained and or certified in at least one of these areas.  Add on their years of experience and schooling years at universities and the workplace, we are sure Digital corner has a solution for whatever technical environment you may have.