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Safety Online - Office 365 For Students

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Benefits to Your Child

Things You Need to Be Aware of

Exchange Online / Email for Students

This includes email, calendar, contacts, 50GB mailboxes.

ü  More storage space

ü  Easy search of staff and students from the same school

!     Your child can send and receive emails from anyone

Lync Online

This includes instant messaging and supports online meetings with video and audio.

ü  Full experience of audio and video for online meetings

ü  Provides whiteboard capability in group discussion

!     Your child is able to have private conversations with any students at his/her school

!     Personal conversations are recorded in his/her email accounts

SharePoint Online

SharePoint supports announcements, tasks, calendar, blogs, wikis and document/picture libraries.

ü  Support your child’s access to the school portal and class sites for a range of collaborative activities

ü  Your child’s access is restricted to his/her class and school


OneDrive for Business

This provides online storage in the cloud. Files can be shared with staff and students as needed.

ü  1 terabyte (TB) storage

ü  Your chi



ld can jointly write and edit documents with other students

!     Your child may share documents with students and staff from other schools

Office Web Apps

Web based Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel.

ü  Enables your child to create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel documents with any modern browser



Yammer is a private social network. Schools can post events, news, activities and pictures within their group.

ü  Allows your child to actively collaborate with his/her class about school work

ü  Allows your child to socialise with other students online

ü  Relationship building with other students

!     Your child can see and be ‘friends’ with students / staff from other Victorian schools

!     Your child may have access to content that is not restricted to his/her age

Office Video

Office Video provides schools with a destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content.

ü  Promotes knowledge sharing

ü  Provides channels to school activities

!     Your child can search for students / staff from other Victorian schools

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